Water for Injection (WFI) Systems

Systems designed with high thermal efficiency

Water for

Injection Systems

Our WFI systems are an outcome of our constant technical development and years of experience. The efficiently designed system produce Water for Injection that meets the USP, JP, MCA, EP, TGA, ANVISA (and many more) guidelines.

They are also comply with the ASME-BPE, GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP and many more standards. Designed with the highest safety standards, they are backed up by our world-class service support packages.

We engineer easy to validate systems that delivers consistent quality and quantity with low cost of ownership

Multi-Effect Distillation

Our Multi-Effect Distillation Systems (MEDS) is designed for high thermal efficiency and engineered with features like lower utility consumption , high safety, reliable operation and optimized performance.

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Pure Steam

Induion Pure Steam Generators (PSG) are very appreciated in the industry for their reliability, consistent performance and their quality output. They are designed to meet all major pharmacopeia guidelines and backed up by our world class service packages.

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Point of use

Induion Plug & Play POU Coolers is designed to dispense instant temperature controlled WFI. The system is self sanitized with continuous flow of hot water. The system is designed to meet the highest quality needs and hygienic standards.

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Designed for efficient distribution, disinfection, monitoring and control of the WFI generated to the Point of Use at elevated temperature of around 80oC. System features continuous online monitoring of all critical parameters like flow, temperature, pressure etc.

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Our WFI piping are optimally designed to deliver the required flowrate of WFI with minimal friction for reduced pumping costs. We use high quality SS316L tubes that are orbitally welded and insulated to maintain elevated temperatures while circulating continuously.

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