Ultrafiltration System (UF)

Delivers SDI < 3 consistently


Ultrafiltration systems are key to enable optimal performance of UF System. Our Fully automated, hot water sanitizable Ultrafiltration (UF) System ensures SDI < 3 and atleast 6 log reduction of bacteria, 5 log reduction of viruses and 4 log viral load reduction.

  • Fully automated operation, backwash and sanitization cycles
  • Insitu CIP and backwash
  • Compact skid mounted, prewired & pre-tested
  • PES membranes with 6 KD / 10 KD NMW cutoff
  • Hot water sanitizable upto 98 deg. C
  • High pH tolerance (1-12) for effective backwash / cleaning
  • High Chlorine tolerance (200ppm) for sanitization


Fully Automated Operation

The fully automated system ensures timely backwash based on timer or differential pressure. This esures the system runs healthy at all times. The CIP is also fully automated.

Quality Instrumentation

The highly reliable and accurate instruments and controls are sourced from some of the best manufacturers across the globe. This not only ensures reliable operation but also golbal serviceability.

Compact, Skid Mounted with SS316L Pumps

The system is designed as a compact and skid mounted model. The sanitary SS316L pumps ensure high reliability, easy serviceability and trouble free operation for a long time.

High quality UPVC Piping and auto control valves

The system is designed with high quality UPVC piping and Fully automated valves for reliable operation.