Storage & Distribution

Delivering designed quality and quantity at Point of Use

Storage & Distribution

Our Purified Water Distribution, Dis-infection and monitoring systems are designed to be Plug & Play. They are compact skid mounted, pre-assembled, tested and prewired in the factory. The system can be in-situ sanitized (CIP) with hot water or Ozone or can be steam sterilized in place (SIP).

  • Jacketed, Insulated, Electropolished, Storage Tank (SS316L)
  • 365 deg. Spray Ball with Jacketed Vent filter
  • UV System with intensity monitor
  • Compact Distribution, Disinfection and Monitoring skid
  • TOC Analyser, Flow, Pressure, Temperature Transmitter
  • Control Panel with PLC and touch screen HMI
  • Designed with Power Saving features including (VFD)


Design as per ASME-BPE or ASME Sec.VIII

Our tanks can conform to ASME-BPE or ASME Sec.VIII standards as required.

Ease of access and serviceability

Designed for easy serviceability and access with all the instruments on the top dish.

Designed for redundacy and efficiency

Two pumps, one working and one standby with quick switchoever ensures quick changeover.

Critical components for safety and monitoring

High quality rupture disc, Jacketed Vent filter, Differential Pressure gauge, Back pressure Valve and more