RO-EDI System

Delivers consistent Quality and Quantity


Our fully integrated and fully automated RO-EDI System is a highly optimized system for efficient water and power management. The compact skid mounted system is comes connection ready and with complete validation package. The system is designed to deliver compendial water Purified Water as per all major pharmacopeias.

  • Ready to commission, Plug and Play system
  • Fully Sanitary SS 316L construction
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • PLC with intuitive touch screen HMI
  • Hot water sanitizable RO & EDI modules


Sanitary design and construction

The system features a fully sanitary stainless steel SS316L construction, with electropolished SS316L orbitally welded tubes and diaphragm valves

Fully automated system for high reliability

The system is fully automated and is compliant with CFR 21, Part 11, GAMP 5 guidelines. The system comes with a intuitive touch screen HMI with options for PLC , SCADA or DCS controls.

Operational modes for easy operation

The system features various operation modes like Production, Recirculation, Standby or Sanitization mode that is operator friendly and eliminates human errors

Quality instruments for reliability and accuracy

All instruments are from manufacturers of reputed and delivers consistency in accuracy and high in reliability. All instruments are backed by timely service support.