Pre-treatment System

Robust and well designed


The success of any pharmaceutical Water system depends on the design of Pre-treatment system. Our presystems are highly custom designed to suit your raw water quality and end water quality and quantity requirements.

  • Duplex Softeners for continuous production
  • Long lasting and High quality resins
  • High grade FRP vessels
  • Fully automated regeneration
  • Multiport valve for fully automated operation


Highly reliable online hardness monitor

Hardness is monitored online to ensure quality. Regeneration is triggered based on the signal from the hardness analysers.

Compact Multiport valves

Compact auto-multiport valve ensures simplified design and fully automatic operation capability.

High quality, duragle UPVC piping

Long lasting high quality UPVC piping for durability and leak free performance.

Easy access to service components

System is designed with easy access to service / replace components if required.