Point of Use Cooler

Instant hot / Cold water with high degree of safety

Point of Use Cooler

When you need fast and efficient heat exchanger for point-of use cooling of the hot wfi within seconds, Indu Ionpure's iCool is what you need. They are designed to be hygienic, with high thermal efficiency, compact and without the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Instant cold or hot WFI or PW availability at POU
  • Continuous flow of hot water keeps it sanitized at all times
  • Full drainability on the product side
  • Easy installation, designed as Plug and Play
  • High turbulence minimizes the risk bio-film formation
  • ASME-BPE compliant design


Instant, Safe and Compact

iCool is designed as a compact system. the tube-in-tube design ensures zero cross contamination. System is also designed to deliver hot / cold water instantly.

High quality sanitary construction

iCool features SS316L stainless steel construction. All contact surfaces are elecrtopolished to less than 0.4 Ra and passivated.

Ease of Installation and continuous flow design

iCool is designed for easy installation for both new and existing piping. The control valve ensures continuous flow on the main as well as the subloop.

Fully automated System

The iCool is a fully automated system with PLC based control panel with touch screen HMI with DCS interface. Data collection can be through memory card or USB flash drive.