Distribution Piping

Designed to prevent bio-film formation

Distribution Piping

We deliver high quality Stainless steel SS316L grade of tubes that conform to ASTM-A-270 / ASME-BPE standards. Tubes are internally electropolished to less than 0.3μ Ra, a very high quality pharmaceutical grade smooth surface finish.

  • Conforms to ASTM-A-270 / ASME-BPE standards
  • High internal finish with electropolish
  • SF$ grade for ASME-BPE applications
  • Orbital welded joints from highly experienced welders
  • Full documentation wirh reports (Leak test, Slope test, passivation report etc.)
  • Point of Use valves with zero dead leg design


High quality SF4 finish for ASME-BPE

We deliver high quality SF4 surface finish (0.38 micron meter) for all ASME-BPE applications

Erected with 100% drainability

Our erection team ensures pipe erection with 100% drainiability supported with slope test reports

Orbital Welded tubes for quality internal finish

We deliver orbitally welded tubes for smooth inner finish with 10% Borescopy test assurance

Sanitary Diaphargm valves

We offer high grade sanitary diaphragm valves with both auto and manual control